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 n such cases

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Data d'iscrizione : 18.02.11

MessaggioTitolo: n such cases   Ven Feb 18, 2011 8:27 am

n such cases

We know, in such cases, that they must have weighed themselves in the £alse Balance of Self deceit. We have been led to think, that, the Man, who has the best heart, will be the last person in the world to say much in its favour. We look upon sound Selfknowledge, and deep Humility, to belong to the class of Inseparables. Nostra officia, etiam optima et przstantissima, nullam ex ipsis 'fficaciam habent conferendi nobis ultum bonum : omnis efficacia ex Dei in Christo benedictione pendet. . Quid deniquc ad pacem conscientiae, et MBT Shoes Clearance laetitiam in Christo, nostra valent opera ? quae, si ad eorum imperfectionem et qua tedamur labem artendamus, non nisi beilum clamant: solus Christi sanguis clamat pacem, quam frustra alibi quseras. Ps.rally been considered as the predominating or supreme faculty of the human soul. Very requisite therefore it is, that this should take a proper directionthat the Choice, we exercise, in any concern, which relates to our chief Good, may be regulated by the utmost deliberation, and care: because, an error, here, must }iave a most dangerous, if not fatal ten dency.For this weighty reason, the inspired Writings address us frequently upon the conversion, or, the new creation, of the Willthat MBT it may move in that Line, which shall terminate eventually in everlasting peace. Of its own nature, and left to itself, we are apprized, it is wholly corrupt; and, that there is nothing we ought to dread more than its free determinations, while uninfluenced MBT Shoes by divine Grace; which alone can powerfully, and effectually, though secretly, incline it, to walk in the paths of universal rectitude, instead of those numerous ways, which, while they seem so inviting, and enchanting, only serve to fascinate the unwary into destruction.
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n such cases
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