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  If its numerous

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Data d'iscrizione : 18.02.11

MessaggioTitolo: If its numerous   Ven Feb 18, 2011 8:28 am

If its numerous

If its numerous Advocates mean any thing by the Selfdetermination for which they contend, it must be, I presume, that we.have an inherent and independent capacity to determine our own Minds, and Hearts, to the election of good, or evil. No such Error can possibly coalesce with the dearest and fullest dictates of heavenly Wisdom. To say nothing of its diametrical opposition to the whole tenor of Christianity, and without aiming at any philosophical discussion of the subject, it is, primafacie, a total rejection of the indispensably requisite influences of the holy Ghost.How far the construction of my intellectual Faculties MBT Shoes Clearance and moral Powers may differ from the rest of mankind, I know not: but, MBT after the most diligent and persevering Introspectionwith all the concomitant advantages of Solitude, and Silence, to consult the real operations of these Faculties, and PowersI am perfectly convinced, that I have no such innate and selfdetermining Sufficiency. Nothing like it. I feel, to this moment, an entire correspondency between myself and the humiliating Character, so circumstantially Let those, who have advanced to a higher State, throw their stones at those beneath them. I envy them not such gratification : it is, no doubt, a lovely imitation of the Example of Christ! One thing, however, i will affirm, as in the immediate MBT Shoes presence of the Omniscient, that, were I possessed of any self determining Agency to good, not an Angel before his Throne should be n ore humble, or holy, or heavenly, than the Scribbler of these pages. But, were I to maintain it, how should I dispose of the subset sacrificed on the Altar of these base prtpensities, and both Religion and Virtue must Jie bleeding at their feet And, how often do we see all the moral Dignity of our nature dethroned, degraded, and in the dust, while those odious Vices are permitted to assume its rightful scat, and empire.

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If its numerous
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