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 The only efficacious

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Data d'iscrizione : 18.02.11

MessaggioTitolo: The only efficacious   Ven Feb 18, 2011 8:28 am

The only efficaciousThe only efficacious remedy for an evil so perilous, and yet so common, is, that spiritual Greatian, which never fails to give a new Turn, or, what I shall venture to call, a new Taste, to every various Passion, and Affection, of MBT Shoes Clearance the soul. It is not my design to entertain you with a: pious or a philosophical treatise on a subject, which enters so deeply into the vital MBT parts of Christianity : I shall make no attempt to divide, or to define them, with any precisionbut only to set before you, very briefly, their noblest and most valuaa sufferer from each, because abusing all. They arc not as Heaven designed them, three parties in alliance for his Happiness; but, three conspirators, of his own making, against his Peacc." bleuse. If, notwithstanding, your degenerate ambition is, rather to sink, than We will present the uninformed Reader however with this little MBT Shoes Key to the primary emotions of the human Soul in their mot sublime exercise.What is Love? It is an Union of mind and heart arising from a similarity of judgment, taste, and pursuit. It is the concord, or harmony, of two Wills, to produce one and the same effect. Mark xii. What is Hatred ? It is the vehement and unconqueru able aversion of all the amiable passions to every thing, thar is offensive to the divine Beingdishonourable to Christ, in his mediatorial Characterdestructive to true Religionand injurious to the supreme Happiness of man. It is founded on pious or scriptural principlesand is equally remote from superstition, enthusiasm, bigotry, apd philosophism.What is Hope ? It is the lively, animating expectation of some future Good ; after the possession and enjoyment of which the desires of the heart are earnestly excited. Rom. viii. , What is Fear ?

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The only efficacious
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