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 for my vineyard

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Data d'iscrizione : 19.04.11

MessaggioTitolo: for my vineyard   Mar Apr 19, 2011 4:55 am

for my vineyard

what could I have done more for my vineyard? But behold, the servant said unto the Lord of the vineyard, spare it a little longer. And the Lord said yea, I will spaTe it a little longer: for it grieveth me that I should lose the trees of my vineyard. Wherefore let us take of the bran* ches of these which I have planted in the nethermost parts of my vineyard, and let us graft them into the tree from whence they came; and let us pltak from the tree those branches whose fruit is most bitter, and graft in the natu** ral branches of the tree in the stead thereof. And this will I do, that the tree may not perish, that perhaps Tory Burch Outlet I may preserve unto myself the roots thereof, for mine own pur¬pose. And behold, the roots of the natural branches of the tree which I planted whithersoever I would, are yet alive; wherefore, that I may preserve them also, for mine own purpose, I will take of the branches of this tree, and I will graft them in unto them. Yea, I will graft in unto them the branches of their mother tree, that I may pre¬serve the roots also unto mine own self, that when they shall be sufficiently strong, perhaps they may bring forth good fruit unto me, and lmay yet have glory in the fruit of my vineyard. And it came to pass that they took from the natural tree which had become wild, and grafted in unto the Tory Burch Flats natural trees, which also had become wild: and they also took of the natural trees which had become wild, and grafted into their mother tree. And the Lord of the vineyard said un¬to the servant, pluck not the wild branches from the trees, save it be those which are most bitter; and in them -ye shall graft, according to that which I have said. And we will nourish again the trees of the vineyard, and we will trim up the branches thereof; and we will pluck from the trees those branches which are ripened that must perish, and cast them into the fire. And this I do, that perhaps the toots thereof may take strength, because of their good¬ness; and because of the change of the branches, that the good may overcome the evil; and because that I have pre¬served the natural branches, and the roots thereof; and that I have grafted in the natural branches again, into their mother tree; and have preserved the roots of their mother tree, that perhaps the trees of my vineyard may bring flrtfc agnittfnwd fruit; and that I may have joy again in the fruit of my vineyard; and perhaps that I may rejoice exceedingly, that I have preserved the roots and the bxa&cfcesLofthe first fruit.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: for my vineyard   Ven Giu 10, 2011 4:51 am

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for my vineyard
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