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 Since three degrees

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Data d'iscrizione : 29.12.10

MessaggioTitolo: Since three degrees   Mer Dic 29, 2010 3:44 am

Since three degreesSince jimmy choo three degrees of love and wisdom, and thence of use, are jimmy choo shoes given with man, it follows, that three degrees of will and understanding, and thence of conclusion, and thus of determination to use, are given with him : for the will is the receptacle of love, and the understanding is the receptacle of wisdom, and conclusion is of use from them: from which it ismanifest, that with every man there is a natural, spiritual and heavenly celestial will and Understanding, in potency from nativity, and in act while they are opening. In a word, the mind of man, which consists of wiU and understanding, from creation, and thence from nativity, is of three degrees, so that man has a natural mind, a spiritual mind, and a heavenly celestial mind; and that man thereby may be elevated into angelic wisdom, and possess it while he lives in the world; but still he does not come into it except after death, if he becomes an angel, and then he speaks things ineffable and to the natural man incomprehensible. I knew a man moderately learned in the world; and after death I saw him and spoke with him in heaven, and I clearly perceived that he spake as an angel, and that the things which he spake were imperceptible to the natural man. The reason was, because in the world he had applied the precepts of the Word to life, and had worshiped the Lord, and hence was elevated by the Lord into the third degree of love and wisdom. It is important that this elevation of the human mind should be known, for on it depends the understanding of what follows.There are two faculties from the Lord with man, by which man is distinguished from beasts; one faculty is, that lie can understand what is true, and what is good; this faculty is called rationality, and is the faculty of his understanding. The other jimmy choo uggs faculty is, that he can do truth and good; this faculty is called liberty, and is the faculty of his will.

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Since three degrees
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