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 M About ten years ago

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MessaggioTitolo: M About ten years ago   Gio Gen 27, 2011 4:18 am

M About ten years ago

n passing through the neighbourhood of Puilna, heated from a journey of two thousand miles, performed without stoppage by night or by day, and from that habitual state of the bedy for which 1 had, like many more of the inhabitants of London, taken bushels of aperient pills, in the precedingyears,I was induced, on principle, to try the effect of the Bitter tcasser. The result of that trial was, that I recovered my healthconquered my habitual difficulty of digestionabandoned all pillshave never taken any since and find it necessary only to drink about two ounces of the Puilna water to keep all straight. But as the real Puilna is not to be had easily in England, and is not very good when one gets it, I had recourse to the artificial one prepared at Brighton, without detecting, either in taste or in its effects, at first, or at any time since, the slightest difference between the natural and the artificial water. The latter 1 have therefore tiffany jewellery been in the habit of recommending, with the greatest success, tiffany sale in many cases analogous to my own; and I will be bold to say that, were its virtues better known, tiffany co ana its use more general, we should not hear of tiffany and co outlet half the tiffany outlet complaints against those endless pills ana draughts for cleansing the bowels, with which most of the medical visits conclude in England.'
as is threatened, a fountain of Hygeia should be opened in the Regent's park, the Company in Bridgestreet
tiffany may shut up shop 1 Dr. Struve will not tiffany rings be able to supply the metropolis with Puilna water, even if the New River be turned in tiffany&co under the poitals of the Colosseum.
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M About ten years ago
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