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 The Ragozi enjoys tiffany co

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Data d'iscrizione : 27.01.11

MessaggioTitolo: The Ragozi enjoys tiffany co    Gio Gen 27, 2011 4:23 am

The Ragozi enjoys tiffany co

lready an European reputation. It emerges from a depth of twelve feet, through rounded pebbles and basaltic stones, at a temperature one degree higher than that of the Maxbrunnen. Its taste is sharp, strongly tiffany&co saline, and acidulous, with a smack also of a saline, bitter, and rough vitriolic nature. It reminded me of the stronger chalybeate water near Rosenstein, at Stuttgardt. Nor is it surprising that it should so taste, seeing that it contains nearly threequarters of a grain of carbonate of iron in sixteen ounces. When the Ragozi is found to affect the head, the glass filled with it, is previously immersed into hot water, so tiffany sale as to allow the greater part of the gas to escape. If, after this, the Ragozi should still be found to affect the head, then the Paudur is to be substituted for it. But to the prolonged use of the latter spring Dr. tiffany jewellery Maas >bjects that it weakens the stomach."
The solid contents of a pint of this water are ninety grains. It is con lidered a panacea for chronic diseases. It is " gently purgative, depurative, ind alterative."
Judging, primd facie, from such a circumstance alone,
tiffany I should expect the very best effects from the use tiffany outlet of the Ragozi in every possible modification of complaints of the stomachfrom the mere want of tiffany rings appetite and oppression after eating, to the most complicated derangement of the various abdominal processes which constitute digestion. I will only instance, as an example, the nausea and retching (first indications of forthcoming disease) which salute the overnighttippler when he first wakes in the morning. Half a glass of the Ragozi, taken immediately on waking, will arrest those symptoms,"
The Ragozi removes impurities from the intestinal tube, while it gives tone to the stomach and bowels. But it is in sterility that Kissengen has acquired great reputation. There is another class of invalids who are said to derive much benefit from Kissengen, " hard livers"such as have a hard liver from having lived hard." Some remarkable instances were related to Dr. Granville by Dr. Maas, where livers as hard as stone had been softened down
tiffany and co outlet by the Kissengen waters. These hardliver stories, however, are to be swallowed, cw grano salis.
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The Ragozi enjoys tiffany co
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