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 If a patient bathes for old gouty and rheumatic pains

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Data d'iscrizione : 27.01.11

MessaggioTitolo: If a patient bathes for old gouty and rheumatic pains   Gio Gen 27, 2011 4:25 am

If a patient bathes for old gouty and rheumatic pains

he will often find tMuh increased first, and become more intense; his walk will be more difficult, the joints more stiff, the muscles tiffany co exceedingly sore. Ih eight or ten days these symptoms will disappear, and recovery will follow after the full course of the waters.
The appetite and functions of the stomach are generally augmented after a few baths. The action of the intestines is sufficiently promoted by the proper and internal use of the water.
tiffany and co outlet The Weisbaden water is held, with some justice, to be of a purgative quality. When the baths have not been injudiciously recommended, sleep is generally improved by them, it becomes uniform and regular, and is not disturbed by dreams. The result of such a regularity is an augmentation of vital energy in the patient. tiffany&co It is, however, of the utmost importance, not to allow sleep to overcome the patient while in the bath. When it does so, further tiffany rings bathing would be a source tiffany sale of danger, without properly consulting a physician upon that point. Such a sleep, to say the least, is suspicious, and is generally accompanied by a heavy and full pulse, as well as by a tendency to giddiness.
In cases of paralysis I found the baths of Weisbaden
tiffany of an efficacy nearly equal to that possessed by Toeplitz. A very remarkable case of recovery from a total suspension of the faculty of moving the limbs, unconnected with any rheumatic affection, came under my notice three years tiffany jewellery ago tiffany jewellery ; Dr. Peez related to me tiffany outlet several other diseases of a similar kind.
The internal use of the Kochbrunnen or of the Schiitzenhof, will be found very successfulmuch more so than Cheltenham or Leamingtonin all cases of congestion, fulness, and obstruction in any of the abdominal viscera of both sexes. The baths must in all these cases be combined with the internal use of the Water, and if the subject be a female, the necessity for bathing is still more urgent.
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If a patient bathes for old gouty and rheumatic pains
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